Nov 2020 • Dr. Jason Gilliland gave an invited talk on “The public realm during COVID-19: Exploring Canadian responses & next steps” at an international symposium entitled 2020: A Year without Public Space sponsored by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

Oct 2020 • Dr. Jason Gilliland was invited by the Mayor of the City of London to serve on the London Community Recovery Network. He is serving as a member of the priority action table focused on Strengthening London’s Downtown and Core Area.

Oct 2020 • Dr. Jason Gilliland spoke about the importance of evidence while serving as an expert panelist on the subject of ‘Influencing Municipal Policy’ for the annual Place Matters Conference, sponsored by the Urban League of London, City of London, and others.

June 2020 • Dr. Jason Gilliland served as an expert panelist for an online event entitled Imagining Public Spaces: How to Design Safe Communities in a COVID-19 World sponsored by the Coady International Institute, St. Francis University.

May 2020 • Spatialists is collaborating on FRESHER (Food Retail Environment Study for Health & Economic Resiliency) a study of the effects of COVID-19 on the retail food industry. The evidence we gather from this study will be useful for policymakers to assess the impacts of COVID-19 on the sector and provide evidence that can be used to create support programs and policies that will aid in the recovery of the industry.

Aug 2020 • Dr. Jason Gilliland was named the Children’s Health Foundation 2019 Children’s Health Research Institute “Scientist of the Year”.